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China Short Post L -- We Go To A Karaoki Bar

The one thing I still want to do here in China is mail my postcards and, hopefully, a book for Ling Shan. Easier to mail it here than at home. Er...make that cheaper. It would be MUCH easier to mail it at home. I have yet to find a post office.

I asked to do to the post office with either Ping-Ping or YiYi. Ping-Ping says we will go together, but we are also going somewhere else.

Somewhere else turned out to be a karaoke bar...just like in an anime. A large place, the vertical part of the stairs painted to form a beer bottle or something. We went in and the guard took Chow Chow's water bottle and escorted it to them main desk, where he gave it back...that puzzled me.

We were given a room...a long narrow chamber with dark patterned walls, leather benches and glass tables. There was a computer to chose songs, a large TV screen and two mike.

It was just like an anime. ;-)

At first I thought I would not sing, because I don't sing particularly well, much as I like to do it. But the first few songs were in English, and only Ping-Ping and I could read them. Also, when you sang, it added to the music but did not stand it was fun and you didn't feel much put on the spot unless you were deliberately loud.

My favorite moment was Ping-Ping and I singing Taylor Swift's Love Story. We both love this song...I was introduced to it and to Taylor Swift by a video where someone had expertly clipped art from the anime Romeo X Juliet to this music. We had such a nice time.

The next song was Telephone by Lady Gaga. Good God, may that never happen to me again!

I will not torture your minds by telling you about this horrible video, but not only did I exclaim in dismay, but the only boy in the room, YiYi's boyfriend JingJing (JunJun?) --who by the way wa paying for the occasion--zipped his head into his jacket in such a way as to block it out.

When the girls turned it off and I exclaimed, "Oh, thank God!" they all laughed.

Then came lots of Chinese music and all the girls sang. For some reason, they kept picking soft love songs, not catchy singable tunes. Some of them were very sad! (The videos were sad. I could not tell what the songs said.) but the girls seemed happy. Jing-Jing sang some, too.

They brought food...fries, a plate of fruit including dragon fruit (red skin, white 'meat' with black dots) and a green fruit I could not place and the star shaped stuff we ate off a tree when we first came...also watermellon and apple. This was followed by deep fried dumplings and meat on a stick. I think there was something else, too, but I've forgotten what.

So, I sat there in a pleasant daze, listening to cute Chinese girls sing sad Chinese love songs and felt very happy that my daughter had wanted to bring me along, instead of leaving me at home whenhe went off to do this.

The girls had me pick some songs. At first I just picked songs I recognized...this turned out not to be the greatest idea. Bohemian Rhapsody was really not the best choice, for instance. It turned out not to be nearly as fun to sing as I recalled from high school...probably because there were not a group of us trying to belt it out very fast. Then I found a few really good songs, including  on of my all time favorite singing songs. 

Unfortunately, we ran out of time before they played. I sang one on the way out, though, to the amusement of YiYi.
We never did get to the post office.
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