arhyalon (arhyalon) wrote,

Chinese Short Post J -- Troubleshooting In Chinese

So, last night, about 2am, the computer stopped connecting to the web. I did everything I knew to do, but I could not get it to go. I reboot. I reconnected the little cellphone thingy, I played with the connection software, first doing what I knew how to do, then trying some stuff at random. (Probably a bad idea, but...)

Nothing worked.

So, I went to bed. I actually slept fro 3ish, when I gave up on the computer until 8ish. Rather nice.

Around 9am, which is the wee hours of the morning for YiYi, who stays up late and gets up even later, I woke her up and asked what was wrong with the computer. YiYi poked at it. She disconnected and reconnected the same stuff I had disconnected and reconnected.

The verdict-- No money.

That is not something I would have thought of. In America, we tend to do this kind of thing by the month.

Ping-Ping gave her 200 yuan and later, while we were at yet another lunchean eating yet more wonderful too much food, YiYi went and paid the bill. 

Up and running again!

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