arhyalon (arhyalon) wrote,

China Short Post H -- We Eat At KFC

Coming out of the bookstore, we went to KFC. (First we stopped at Starbucks. We did not buy anything, but I saw that they have a Valencia Machiato. I don't know if they have this back in the States or just here for Chinese New Year...but valencia was my favoriate flavor back when they had it. I really want to try one...but not on an empty stumach. So...I haven't yet.)

When we got there, I asked if we were going to bring food back for Guang Huang Zen. Ping-Ping hautily said no. However, she had second thoughts because after standing at the counter for a bit, she announced that we would go home and go eat with him. I thought at first she wanted to eat somewhere else, but no. We got Guang Huang Zen and went across the street on the overpass to the KFC on the other side.

I understand now why my daughter, who was so excited about KFC when she came to America quickly got over it. The MacDonald's menu here is virtually the same as at home. Not so, KFC! It was quite different. The main chicken and sandwiches were the same, but there were real veggies, egg and veggie soup, a custard pie with fruit that I think was just for Chinese New Year, and I don't think they carry "cod fish fingers" at home. Also, they served bubble milk tea...which is what we all drank.

We ordered...some food came right away, some was brought to the table. I did not get half of what I ordered, but I think that was my daughter's fault not the person behind the counter. I don't think she asked for everything I wanted.

The food was all right, but I would definitely have preferred one of the little restaurants around the place. The only meal we have eaten here that I enjoyed less was the one at MacDonalds. ;-)
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