arhyalon (arhyalon) wrote,

China Short Post G -- In Which I Sleep...A lot

Messed up my sleep schedule Wednesday night. So yesterday, at the orphanage thing, I was kind of out of it...which was not the worst state to be in when everyone around me was making speeches I could not understand. I went to sleep when we got home and continued sleeping...gettng up every few hours and sleeping some more...until 11:30 this morning. That was a lot of sleeping, but boy, did it feel nice.

Took a walk when I finally got up. Got my postcards ready to mail, and the book for Ling Shan (I just have to figure out how to wrap it up.) Bought some tea and water (but failed to buy a bottled pepsi. There was some problem with my buying it that I could not understand. I think maybe I was supposed to drink it there and recycle the bottle. Not sure.)

I did buy some chocolate called Meltykiss. I love the name. Yesterday, I bought a similar thing.It was green inside. There was a leaf. I thought it might be mint, though mint is rare here. 

It was green tea flavor.

I had such sympathy for my daughter. This happens to her all the time at home.

Today, I bought the Meltykiss in blueberry. This proved a safer choice.

Ah, the guy is here to fix our toilet! How nice.

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