arhyalon (arhyalon) wrote,

China Post Sixteen -- In Which I Discover I Am Less Oriented Than I Thought

So, today, I decided to walk in the opposite direction along the main road. Along the way, I saw the lions from the earlier post. 

Well...imagine my surprise when I rounded a corner and recognized the place I was yesterday! The place that I thought was four blocks away and perpendicular to the road I was on!

Turns out that the road the school is on and the main road both make kind of a J shape, but in opposite directions. So that school road...the same road this apartment is on, make a kind of a oblong horseshoe from and to the main road, while the main road curves, too.

This means that when I was wandering yesterday--and I thought I was inside a square and, therefore, had a good chance of finding the main road that made up one side of the square--I was actually making a large semicircle from and back to the same road. 

Basically, I was absurdly lucky that the road went where I thought it did. was a little more organized than that, because the main road did curve, too...but still...I was very lucky.

Really hoping to buy a map at the bookstore tomorrow.

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