arhyalon (arhyalon) wrote,

China Short Post D -- the Guardian Lions

As I took a walk today, and paused, deciding whether to turn around or push forward, I saw a strange sight. Two stone guardian lions, the kind you see in front of all the buildings, pushed to the side and discared. One facing forward, one facing to the side.

I walked over and communed with them. They were eerie and beautiful. They seemed so out of place, shoved off in a corner of an empy parking lot beside a fenced area of greenery. They were so beautiful and solid. I got to touch the grim face and the paws. The male has the world under his paw...a ball. This ball was decorated with line. The female holds a little baby under her paw. They stand normally as a matched set. Only once have I seen two males (both holding balls). Almost universally, you see both.

They looked so eerie and out of place that it almost seemed magical. I could not help thinking, as I looked at them, that they would make a great children's story. I could just imagine that if you could turn the lioness so that she faced forward, that the gate they were mean to guard would suddenly open. I'm sure there is a story idea there somewhere!

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