arhyalon (arhyalon) wrote,

China Post Ten -- Day and Night, Night and Day

So...I am sitting here all by myself--my daughter went out to have her hair cut. She takes off five or six inches about once a year and everyone else around her has shoulder length hair. She told me in Hong Kong that she wanted it cut when she got here, but she did not get to it until today. I thought I was going to go with her, but she snuck out while I was napping.--and everyone who I know who speaks my language is asleep. Or close to it, as it is Sunday night back home.

Here, however, it is Monday morning. 

It is funny to be the one whose friends are awake during the night. Normally, it is my daughter who wants to stay up late to talk to someone. Not that I have really been talking to anyone back home that much...but the occasionally emails I do get often come at odd times. So, it gives me much sympathy for my daughter's situation. Not that I did not have it before, I did...I just have more now.

The first few days, I did not get much sleep. Today, I slept a LONG time. I am hoping to take a walk or something later. All this just sitting, eating, and sleeping is a bit wearing.

But the whole night and day thing is intreguing. It is not a problem most of us deal with...and yet, one can imagine that there could be a world where it did matter. I think the movie Ladyhawke is the closest thing I've seen to it. But one thinks that more people would make elves nocturnal 

The romantic troubles of a couple where one was a nocturnal creature and the other was not are intriguing...and would probably lead to a lot of lost sleep on both sides. (Making the success of the relationship depend, in part, on how well the particular individuals involved did without sleep.)

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