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China Post Five -- In Which I Buy Some Shoes

So yesterday, we did more shopping. Thanks to the kindness of friends, Ping-Ping bought two pairs of shoes and a cute coat/cape thingy. She really needs shoes and the other thing can be used for school, so good calls.

But I needed shoes, too. The $13, made in China, Wal-Mart sneakers I had picked up two weeks ago were falling apart. They were the same style I had owned twice before, "made" by Danskin, I think. But this pair just wasn't up to snuff. So I needed shoes. But my size 8 feet are super big here. The very largest size that any of the cute fashion stalls carried. I would have loved a pair of high black boots, but the only thing they carried in that size was Uggs and Ugg-look alikes. I found a pair that fit, but the were almost $40. Seemed like too much. 

We did find a store later, though, that sold sneakers and had a bin of hen da size. So, I found a pair of nice blue sneakers. Not fancy. Not really my style, but they fit and were not falling apart. I think they were about $25. More than I would have liked, but not bad.

This morning, however, we passed someone selling boots by the street size. They had a pair of Ugg style boots with fur trim and pom size. $6. I bought them. I figure they probbly won't last long, but they sure are cozy!

Ping-Ping and Ling Shan ended up with about 8 coats between them by the time all the charity and coat buying was done. Ping-Ping came to China with the purple one Ling Shan bought that I thought was Ping-Ping's favorite. But once here, she told me that she and Ling Shan had decided to give it to a child who did not have a coat. She also gave away her darling pink Tinkerbell pullover with the white pom poms. It looked adorable on her, but she said it was a little small. I was pleased at her charitiable impulse, but it broke my heart to see it go. It was my favorite of all her garments.

I wish we had brought more clothes  to give away. We had planned to, but used the space bringing chocolate and other gifts. Ah well. 

Lots more to post about...but later. If all goes as planned, we're going to Shamain Island today, which I have been REALLY looking forward to. It is the one thing, other than going to the bookstore, on my list of things to do...and the only thing that is for me rather than her. 
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