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More on Spindrift

I've been reading a bit more about Spindrift and continue to find it amazing!  

[For those who missed the previous post: Spindrift was an organization that applied scientific method to prayer. They set up hundreds and hundreds of experiments where people prayed over plants of various kinds. Sometimes, they would set up the experiment so that what it looked like the plants needed was not what they really needed -- imagine the plant looks dehydrated, but there's really something amiss with the soil. They found out that if you prayed "God, give this plant more water," the prayers often worked...but did not help the plant. But those who prayed with a sense of Divine Love and asked "Thy will be done" -- that kind of prayer helped the plants, regardless of whether or not the person praying knew what was wrong.]

From a paper on Spindrift:


“Spindrift invited people from the Hindu, Christian Science, Jewish, Quaker, Zen Buddhist, New Age, Scientology, Unitarian, Catholic, and Assembly of God backgrounds, not to mention other Christian denominations, and faith healers to be tested.  I personally imagined that a whole lot of differences in the results would come out of people’s prayers from different religions.  It was quite a surprise to see that the spiritual makeup or character and possibly the personality type of the person praying had more to do with his conveying distant prayer than his religious background. (See qualities in Galatians 5:22,23.)

We were curious if a person’s religious affiliation mattered.  Would a Jewish prayer be different in effect than a Christian prayer?  Would a seasoned Christian get stronger results than a beginner?  What would happen with a Baptist praying followed by a Buddhist?  How would a quiet monk do over a robust evangelist?  Would an atheist with a strong intention to do good get a result akin to prayer?  Gradually we came to the position that a person’s qualitative makeup was more germane to his holiness than his denomination.  (Also some people did unintentional harm when they prayed for a test.)”

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