arhyalon (arhyalon) wrote,

Inculcating the Next Generation

 “Mommy, where’s the North Book?” Juss now asks several times a day, by which he means The D'aulaires' Book of Norse Myths, which has been a favorite of both John’s and mine since childhood. John and I love myths, but earlier attempts to share them with the kids had not gone over somehow.
So, yesterday, I read the entire Norse myth book to the boys. Orville was a bit stunned by Ragnarok, but Juss’s imagination was ignited by Light Elves, Frey’s cool stuff, and Loki’s attack on Baldur. Now his heart is set on playing a "North game" where he gets to play a light elf and work for Frey. 

He’s downstairs now, running about crying out about golden swords and “Oh, no! Mistletoe” (complete with a lot of dodging.)
Makes a fantasy writing mother proud!
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