February 3rd, 2012

Small Miracles

Today, I was at Juss's school, and I happened to walk by a sign for the musical our family wanted to see tonight –High School Musical JR. put on by a local Christian private school. To my dismay, I saw that the price of the tickets was $12.

Using the magic of math, I deduced that seeing this musical would cost us $72.00.

This made me very sad because A) our family loves to go watch musicals and B) I did not have $72 in my bank acount.

So, I asked humbly: God, if we should go see this musical tonight, could you send the money for it?

Then, I felt sad, because I was expecting a check for $75, but I needed it for other things. But I dutifully promised I would use it to see the musical, if it happened to be in the mail when I got home.

Anyway, I went on and went the award ceremony. Juss got an award for improvement.  I gave him a big hug and took a picture. Then, I went home and checked the mail. The check for $75 was not there.

But there was a completely different–completely unexpected–check for $88.


Thanks, God!

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High School Musical JR. a Hit with everyone but Princess Thok

We went to the musical. It was at the church that ran the Mom's group I used to belong to, so I immediately ran into friends. The boys LOVED it, especially the "not the status quo" countersong that is only in the Jr. version.

When it ended, everyone in the audience stood up and clapped, except our daughter, Princess Thok.* The boys made up for it though. Juss went and told the main actor that he was "awesome!"


*Thok…when the god Baldar is killed, Hela offers to let him return to the world of the living if everyone in the world cries for him. Loki, who did not want him to come back, turned himself into a goddess named Thok, who was the one holdout…and Baldar stayed in Hela's kingdom.


Originally posted to Welcome to Arhyalon. (link)