September 28th, 2011

Wright’s Writing Corner: On Endings: Here’s Looking At You, Kid!

Having recently finished a novel, I have spent some time talking to people about ending things…novels, short stories, poems, etc.

So, what makes a good ending? And why is it that “An uncomfortable silence ensued” is so exactly the opposite of almost everything we would want in one?

For those who did not see the earlier posting, near the end of my most recent novel, I jokingly asked a friend for help. He replied that he was terrible at ends. If it were his book, the characters would just look at each other and it would end with something like: An uncomfortable silence ensued.

John loved this ending. He immediately applied to many other works: Hamlet, Star Wars. You name it. But really, an uncomfortable silence is exactly what we don’t want at the end of something.

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