February 17th, 2011

Wright’s Writing Corner: Plot We’ve Got, Quite A Lot!


The opening song for the movie The Court Jester includes the memorable line: “Plot we’ve got, quite a lot!” And it is all the more memorable for being so true. (The Court Jester, if you have not seen it, really does have a great deal of plot, most of it both convoluted and humorous.)

I have always felt this was a good goal for a story to shoot for—to have lots of plot. Though, honestly, some of my favorite stories, especially children’s stories, do not have a great deal of plot. So the amount of plot, in and of itself, is not important.

Though, really, most of my favorite books have a lot of plot…a whole, big, humongous lot.

So the question arises:  what makes for a great plot?

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