December 10th, 2010

Computer Woe Update...Some Definite Progress

First, the reason there was no Wright's Writing Corner this week was that the computer was in the shop. Now that we have two computers, hopefully, that won't happen again.


Okay, an update: I have discovered that if I reset my modem, I can get online with whichever computer I try to get online with first...but not the second computer.

This is a big step forward. No software or hardware problems for the computer in other words.

What my friend gave me as a "router" is a Netgear Ethernet Hub. Is this meant to act like a router? Does anyone know? Do I need another piece of gear?  

The nice lady at Cox gave me the number for Netgear. I guess that is the next step.

Computer Problem Solved!

Okay...the problem has been solved...sort of.

The problem is that the "router" my friend gave me is actually an ethernet splitter. So, right now, I don't have a router and, so, can only connect one computer at a time.

This is a solvable problem. It will be solved.

Meanwhile, I have the work computer off and the downstairs computer on. This means that the Princess will have to load QQ downstairs, which is great! It is her using Chinese sites that ruins the work computer. My hope is that maybe she'll use QQ a bit upstairs, but that she will do everything else downstairs on the new KIDS computer.

Ah, progress.