July 25th, 2008


Now, if you type www.arhyalon.com into your address bar, it will bring you here!

No idea why you would, but stil... kind of cool. (John was getting some Domain names. Thought I'd snap this one up for the distant future, after my current series comes out, when my next series comes out -- at which point the word Arhyalon would finally mean something to someone other than the dozen folks who have played in the Corruption Campaign.)

Jonah and the Clown Fish

Orville and I spent two weeks filming our version of the Jonah story, Jonah and the Clown Fish. Orville and I wrote the script. We made a two-minute preview (which took forever) and then the 20 minute film of the story itself. We are using a hand-held 8mm camcorder, with no ability to edit or anything, so it was very rough. We don't have a mike, so you can't hear all the lines, but...nonetheless, it was great fun!  

Orville's version started in the town of Babybutt (his idea.) Jonah, a Lego with a lightsaber, and his traveling companion, Sir Lucario (a pokemon) talk to friends about who much they all hate guys from Nineveh. Then, angels come and tell Jonah to go to Nineveh and tell them to repent. He doesn't want to, so he looks for a ship, so he can flee God -- even though Lucario tells him this cannot be done. No ship will take him, but he finally finds the Cattail, a pirate ship (played by an Imaginex pirate ship) bound for Virginia...Jonah is sure God could not be there! (Lucario says "It's the most God-forsaken ship I've ever seen." To which Jonah replies, "Great! Then, God’s not on it. Let’s take it!" 

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