October 9th, 2007

The Dreamland Chronicles

Mark just introduced me to a web comic called The Dreamland Chronicles

It's quite delightful and kid-friendly, too!

It reminds me of the best parts of Sandman, without the depth, but without the weird and dark parts as well. It's computer-graphics with bright colors, so it looks a bit like some of these recent Fairytale pictures (Shrek, Happily Never After,) and it tells the story of a boy named Alex who grew up spending his nights in dreamland, who then hasn't dreamed in eight years. He finds his way back to discover that his imaginary friends have grown up and all is not well in the dream kingdom.

The story alternates between adventures in dreamland and the waking world, where Alex's brother and some others are trying to investigate what happens to Alex at night. It's a nice mix of adventure and mystery.   Quite enjoyable.

(It can also be purchased in book form from Amazon.)