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So, John has not had email at work for weeks. The other day, I got an email from him (he was usuing a coworker’s computer) and I was really delighted. I emailed back something like: “Hey! You are here!”

Only I hit “reply all” and also emailed this messaged to our mutual friend whom John had also written to.

My friend wrote back, inquiring what I meant. When I explained, he expressed regret. He had wondered if he were having an out-of-work experience…like an out-of-body experience, but where he is not at work while supposedly at work, as opposed to not in his body.

This made me laugh and my 12-year old son asked why I was laughing. I explained. He thought about it for a while. Finally he asked a question. The question made me laugh so hard, I could hardly breathe. Tears ran down my face.

What Orville asked was: “Is that like an out-of-money experience?”


Originally posted to Welcome to Arhyalon.
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