arhyalon (arhyalon) wrote,

Overheard at the Wright's Household

Sunday night, we watched the movie Sky High with the children. Monday morning, Juss came wandering into the kitchen while I was making breakfast, carrying a wooden footstool over his shoulder. Hefting the stool into the air with one arm, he announced: "Look! I have super strength!"

Then, yesterday afternoon, I took Orville and the Cherubim to the mall -- they were off for President's Day, but Juss's preschool was still open -- we went on a train that winds around the mall, a little cute thing for kids. The Cherubim loved it. While we were windlng about, Orville wanted a tour, so I started telling him about each store we passed. He quickly noticed that more than half the stores were 'ladies clothing.' He asked me about this and I explained that women like to shop. Then, we had the following conversation:
Orville: "Do you like to shop, Mom?"
Me: "No."
Orville: "Why not?"
Me: "Because I don't have any money, and if I did, I'd want to buy something for you and your brothers, not something for me."
Orville thought about this for a while, then asked: "Do most women like to shop?"
Me: "Yes."
Orville: "So you're the oddball?"
Me, wincing: "Yes. Is that okay with you?"
Orville, nodding: "Oh yes.  I'm not sure I approve of women doing all that shopping."

Final story for the day, I had a whole day planned for the two older boys, all of which failed: It was too wet to play with their remote-control cars,  the library was closed, the bakery was closed (I never get that way on Monday and forgot that was their day off.) But, we managed to do a number of other things. We went to the mall, we took a short walk -- the overly hot day of 70 degrees had turned to a wet windy day of 53 before we got to the path, and we went to Dairy Queen where the boys had a cone dipped in chocolate.

All during the day, the Cherubim had been talking more than normal. "I want go back." "I want ice cream" Then, while we were sitting at the Dairy Queen, he started saying: "I want ca booz. I want ca booz."  Well, blimey, I had no idea what he was talking about! I had him repeat it a couple of times. 

And then, suddenly, it struck me!  He was saying: "I want caboose." And, sure enough, across the street was a bright red train caboose sitting on its own bit of track with nothing around it, carefully set up so that a child could climb up and play on the outside parts. 

I was so proud of him for asking so nicely that I took him over there despite the wind and rain and we turned the wheel and chanted: "Chugga chugga, chugga chugga, chugga chugga, choo! Choo!" together over and over again (way past the point where Orville grew bored." 

What a nice day it was!

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