arhyalon (arhyalon) wrote,

Spiderwick and Valentines

 Yesterday, for Valentine’s Day, in addition to taking me purse shopping – a painful process because my current purse is perfect, except for the so old it’s falling apart part, but we found something that may work just fine – John took me to see The Spiderwick Chronicles movie.
We both enjoyed the movie immensely. It has delightful magical bits and moments that raised the movie to a higher level. The plot was very tightly woven and reminded us very much of the ESCIT game, the Avalon game and other games and stories of ours. The young man who played the twins did a marvelous job, we did not realize it was the same actor, and many other parts were well-done as well.
Some favorite moments included the very opening shot, which looked just like a piece of a painting by Theo Black. And the moment, at the end, when Holly Black’s name came up (John and I cheered.) There were a few other favorite moments, too, that I don’t want to give away, in case any of you might see it. I’ll just say that I loved all the parts involving the older parts of the family.
It’s kind of eerie yet delightful to think back on Jersey Devil Con in 2002 and remember the bright, sparkling young woman with black hair, black eye make-up, and black clothing (aptly named Holly Black) who was waiting for her first book to be published. Back then, we were both waiting and we both discovered we’d written books involving tithing the elves. Six years later, she’s got a nebula, a best-selling series, and a movie! I’m so delighted for her! She’s such a sweetie!
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