arhyalon (arhyalon) wrote,

Only at the Wright Household

"Mom!" Juss calls from the Bedroom when he's supposed to be sleeping, "Where's Arko? I can't find him?"


Anyone else's children lose or misplace their invisible friends? I should have known this kid was going to be trouble ever since the time he cried because he left his imaginary skateboard in the car, back when he was three.

Right now, as I am writing, Juss calls from bedroom "Mom, Arko doesn't have a blanket."
I call back: "He has an imaginary blanket."
Juss: "He can't find it!" 
Mommy, not getting up from the keyboard, "Well, Arko can go look for it."

And now, "Arko can't find his mouse!" (Orville sleeps with a toy mouse, the one from the "If You Take A Mouse..." books. I guess Arko does, too.) 

Arko really has to start keeping better track of his stuff! 



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