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Edarian Monopoly

Boy, I haven't been here in like, forever!  I wonder where I've been...

Preparing for the fifth birthday of son #3. For so long, he was the baby while the others were little tykes, it's amazing to seem him up and about and excelling at practically everything (except keeping his temper.) He's been talking about this birthday since last birthday. So, we have a weekend planned with Groundhog events to go along with the party itself. (Hershey's Zoo is free this weekend, though the park is closed. We're planning to go up there on Sunday.)

Meanwhile, Orville and I are making a Edarian Monopoly game. We made the board out of an old pizza box, so it's kind of brown, but other than that, looks a lot like a Monopoly board now that we're done slaving over it all day. It's got the right number of properties, etc -- based on a board I printed off the internet, and the prices are copied off our Monopoly Jr. Dinosaur Digs (not quite the right name) version. So, I think it's pretty playable. The only place we could have messed up would have been on the amounts on the "Badge" and "W-Beast Battle" cards (think "Community Chest" and "Chance" cards.) but we can make new ones, if these turn out not to work.  

We even got John to draw the pictures for the Slave Mines (jail), Captured by Slavers (go to jail) and W-Beast Sighting (Free Parking). Instead of GO, we have Professor Stalagmite's Laboratory.  

Just a little more coloring and drawing to do and we'll be ready to take it on a test spin with the family! Now, everyone can visit the gyms and arena's of Edaria and battle their favorite W-Beasts against various types of opponents...while buying up gyms, Monopoly style!  (Can you tell that Pokemon has come to Edaria?)

What  a fun day it's been! 

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