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11:34 pm: Jack-O-Lanterns, I knew you when!



We had some lovely and amazing carved pumpkins in our neighborhod…but I miss jack-o-lanterns. I love the old-fashion, grinning, trangle-eyed pumpkins. (We always used the triangles from the eyes on top to make cat ears when I was young.)

I hope they don’t go away, just because people can now do neat artwork, too.

I thought it was eerie that, even though Halloween has always been a huge deal for us, being that it is my brother’s birthday, I can’t recall any of my costumes from when I was young.

Now, I do recall my elf costume for the PRWE (Pound Ridge Wood Elves) which was adorable and elfy and I probably wore it some Halloween. And I recall my wizard costume, which I wore later, but was probably made for a Halloween…but I don’t actually recall what I was wearing any of the times I went out…which is weird, considering what I normally recall.

I’m looking forward to  having my mom come back from her training class. I bet she’ll remember. She made them.


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Date:November 2nd, 2010 08:21 am (UTC)
Mine weren't very memorable, either. Probably the store-bought kind with the plastic mask. Later ones I do remember. A coin dealer/antiques dealer loaned me a World War I dough boy's uniform, complete with helmet and gaiters when I was around 16. I also did Dorothy, especially sweet since I went to a local hang-out and the band that night struck up Over the Rainbow.
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Date:November 2nd, 2010 03:33 pm (UTC)
The sad thing is that I think mine were memerable...I just can't remember them. I suspect if my mom reminds me, I'll remember them vividly.
Date:November 2nd, 2010 11:45 pm (UTC)
Off topic: I am curious to hear your thoughts on this: http://xander25.livejournal.com/249370.html

What's the best way to conduct a philosophical discussion? Is it through debate? Is it "wrestling" with the idea as Jacob from the Bible might? Is it through Socratic questioning? Further, what is civil discourse? Assuming you don't attack the other person, how far is too far? Hearkening back to something my philosophy teacher said last week, if there are no right answers, what is the point in a philosophy class? Ideas have consequences. To truly understand an idea, you have to ask what it is about, what does it do, is it true, and how does it impact human life. Therefore, you have you have to be willing to discuss...and probably debate it. Some people may even feel their toes stepped on...God only knows I have had my feet trampled on a couple times, especially in the religious discussions (and my true hot button issue...cultural relativism). And yet...despite all that, you keep on going. Why? Because ideas matter. *steps off soapbox*
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Date:November 3rd, 2010 07:53 pm (UTC)
I think I'll work backwards. I have seen people change their mind on religious and philosophical topics. Every time, it took months or even years. Slow, careful breaking down of the many, many points that led the person to their conclusion.

Working back from that, I think the Socratic method, asking questions over time, is the most effective. Debate may be good for people who are in agreement on many point when they want to convince each other of a particular point, but I don't think it's very effective for changing a person's entire world view.
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