arhyalon (arhyalon) wrote,

Overheard at the Wright's Household

Last Sunday, I had Child Room duties at Church. This particular day, it was just me and Juss. 

After our own puppet show, we got into a conversation about his imaginary brothers. (Recently, he told me that there are 16 of them.) I was curious whether I was the mother of these invisible brothers, so I asked Juss where they came from.

Juss began telling me where some of them 'popped out of" (the way he 'popped out of' Mommy's tummy.)

Arko, the eldest, popped out of the ark. (He's called Arko because he was born on the Ark -- some of you may recall Arko from Arko's Ten Commandments.)

One popped out of a tree. One popped out of a shark. He can bite through metal! Another popped out of something I can't remember.

Then came the shy one. (Juss acted out each brother.)  When I asked where he was from,  Juss said that the shy one popped out of tears. He said: "The mommy could not have a bady. On the day the baby would have been born, she cried and my brother popped out of her tears."

Where did that come from? Where do they get these things?

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