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10:03 am: No Longer A Mink

Folks, thanks to the discerning eye of our friend Evil Dave, this blog is no longer about the Minks of Arhyalon (Vison) and has returned to the original purpose of being Visions -- with the second 'i' -- of Arhyalon. (A vison is a type of mink. )

And for those of you who are going: "Arhyawooha?" Arhyalon -- pronounced Ar-HIGH-ah-lon -- is the secret name of the universe featured in the Corruption Campaign roleplaying game, and, hence, in the novels I am currently writing that are based on said game.

And now, for an entirely different subject:

Yesterday, I am chatting with Juss about Ultra Man. He wanted to know things such as who Ultra Man was when he was a hoo-man (Juss always says "Hooman" for Human. It's so inexpressibly cute.) I had to call Daddy for the straight dope. John even told us what Hayata said to turn into Ultra Man. 

Juss: "What else does he say?"
Mommy: "Well, other Japanese words, " wracking her brain, "Maybe 'Hi-a!'"
Juss: "No! Hi-a is an English word."
Mommy: "It's not English, it's Japanese." Thinking maybe Juss was confusing it with another word, such as a form of Hello, "What does it mean?"
Juss: "It means 'Take that!'" He did a kick and a punch.

And that, folks, is the Melting Pot in action!


PS. The spellchecker does not recognize the word "blog" -- oh, the irony!


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Date:December 13th, 2007 04:36 pm (UTC)
Have been very busy of late, but the kids have had good times. Out caroling tonight on the local trolley with church.
Finally Ben gets that Christmas presents stay wrapped until Christmas. He has also done all the decorating in such a whirling frenzy that yesterday he ran pell mell into the casserole of sweet potatoes I was carrying to the oven.
He feel back completely on his bottom, immediately realized it was an accident, and asked for "ice" for his bruised forehead which he of course got.
Lost the blue van to age and accumulated problems which made it easy on me when the daughter forgot her lunch money and wanted me to drive it out to her.
Could not do it. So sorry. No car.
Whew. A half an hour out and a half an hour back. Am short on sleep.
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Date:December 13th, 2007 05:04 pm (UTC)
You'd have thought they'd have gotten around to adding 'blog', 'blogger', and 'blogging' to all the spell checking software by now.

I just noticed that mine doesn't mind those words as long as I keep them in scare quotes...odd.
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