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01:45 pm: If you could forever change the life of a child, would you do it?

 A letter from someone at our adoption agency. I went and looked at the pictures of the children and immediately fell in love with the very first child posted -- a four year old boy. Unfortunately, we don't really need any more four-year-old boys here at the Wright Household:

Hello!  My name is Emily Beddingfield and I have a question for you.  If you could forever change the life of a child, would you do it? 

A few months ago, I took over Christian World Adoption’s Ethiopia Waiting Children Program. The Ethiopia Waiting Children’s program has been very successful, but the need remains great.  Our photo list of waiting children can be sent to you.  Just reply to this email and let me know you are interested in these precious children.  You may also go to our website to request access: http://www.cwa.org/ethiopia-waitingkids.htm.

Since I started in this position, 27 waiting children have been accepted by families, they are working diligently to bring them home!  Yet, there remain over 150 children who still wait for a forever family, and the numbers keep growing.

I am asking each of you to be a prayer warrior for these children!  I have worked with some of you that have accepted waiting children.  Some of you have already brought home waiting children.  While prayer is the most important tool for these children, I am also asking if you might have a place in your heart and home for a waiting child or a waiting sibling group—or, even another adoption if you have adopted before! 

I am also seeking ways to spread the word about these waiting children.  Please share with all those you know who might consider adopting a waiting child.  Maybe your church has an adoption ministry that would share our information, or your local radio station offers free public service spots.  I am open to your ideas and suggestions as to how to get the word out to as many people as possible.  Together, we can find homes for so many of these precious children.  

God is allowing CWA to do many exciting things in Ethiopia right now!  We are beginning to build Acacia Village, a complex outside of Addis Ababa, the capitol city.  Acacia Village will include an orphanage/care home, pregnancy crisis center, school, clinic, and a place where our adoptive parents can stay when they travel to pick up their children.  To read more, please visit: http://www.cwa.org/acacia/home.htm.

To learn more about CWA’s Ethiopia program in general, please visit: http://www.cwa.org/ethiopia-adoption.htm.  You may also request a free information package directly from our home page, which contains details about our Ethiopia program. 
To read personal stories of families who have adopted from Ethiopia through CWA, please visit our Adoption Stories webpage: http://www.cwa.org/adoption_stories/adoptstoriesmain.htm.

Thank you for your time, for your prayers, and I look forward to hearing from you!  Together, we can make a difference in the lives of so many.

Matthew 25:40
“I tell you the truth.  What you did for even the smallest of these people you did for me.”

God Bless,

Emily Beddingfield
Ethiopia Administrative Assistant


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Date:December 6th, 2007 04:05 am (UTC)
A woman from my church adopted two girls from Ethopia: their mother had died years ago, and their father was dying of AIDS. She brought them home a little over a year ago. They are now a lively, vital part of our church life: they serve as acolytes, play with the other children, and play with the babies to give the moms a break.

We can't imagine our community without them!
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Date:December 8th, 2007 12:41 am (UTC)
Thanks for the nudge, Jagi.
While we can't adopt (hands full with our 2 deaf ones plus jobs) we can do a monthy sponsorship. Perhaps Christian Children's Fund.
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Date:December 8th, 2007 01:21 am (UTC)

Christian Children's Fund

We sponsor three children from India through Christian Children's Fund. We've been doing it for about four years now. It's nice to see how they grow. I think it's a wonderful charity and strongly recommend it!
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Date:December 8th, 2007 01:24 am (UTC)
I should mention that our adoption agency, Christian World Adoption, has recently bought land to build a small town for the children they help in Ethiopia. They are currently trying to raise funds to do this.

If anyone wants to contribute, they are looking for donors. Here's the link: http://www.cwa.org/acacia/home.htm
Date:June 28th, 2008 04:39 am (UTC)

Getting the Word Out

If you don't already, I suggest doing a lot more PR. I use PR.com.
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