arhyalon (arhyalon) wrote,

Overheard at the Wright’s Household

Mommy: “Please do not look, I’m  [something requiring privacy].”

Juss: “But I’m just ‘checking you out’, like Brock!”

Mommy: “You cannot ‘check out like Brock’ your mother. Brock checks out girls, not his mother.”

Juss: “But, you’re a girl.”

Mommy: “True, but you ‘check out’ girls you want to marry. You can’t marry your mother.”

Juss: “Oh! Brock checks out girls he wants to marry!”

Mommy: “That’s right. Brock wants to get married, so he checks out every girl.”

Juss: “But he can’t marry his mother because she’s already married to his father.”

Mommy, nodding: “Exactly.”   

(I should add that Juss has no idea what it means to ’check out a girl’. He’s asked me about it more than once. He was just amused that Brock (from Pokemon) said something about it.)

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