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Overheard at the Wright’s Household — It’s All About The Treasure!

Juss: “I slide into another room. What kind of monster do I see?”
Mommy: “A big blue dragon!”
Juss: “I hold up my sword and cry out ‘Knights of the Seven Round-Up!’ This makes lighting come out of my sword! Then I slice him with my magic sword and my belt of strenght, and I use my seven-piece wand!” (He can’t remember Wand of Seven Parts.)”
Mommy: “You beat him!”
Juss, jumping up and down. “What kind of treasure do I get?”
Mommy tells him.
Juss: “Okay, I slide into the next room. What do I see?”
Mommy: “A giant spider!”
Juss: “I take out my ring of spider control! I say: Give me!”
Mommy: “That’s not very polite.”
Juss: “I say, ‘Please give me your treasure.”
Mommy: “The spider gives you his treasure.”
Juss, jumping up and down, ”What is it? What is it?”
Mommy, wracking her brain, “A scarf of skunk control.” 
Juss: “I make the spider a web with my ring and I tell him to stay in it.”

He slides into rooms, he remembers his previous treasures and uses them, and he’s all about the treasure.

When it comes time for him to play D&D, he’ll be a natural!

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