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Thou Hast Turned My Dancing Into Mourning -- First encounters with Dance Dance Revolution

We went to visit our in-laws today, and the boys wanted to play X-Men on the X-Box. However, neither they nor John have any experience with this, so even the easiest villains were too difficult for them. So, Abe, our oldest nephew (a Junior in high school) set the game so that they could fight each other. 

I don't know how the first few games went, but in the last game John played Iron Man, Juss played Iceman, and Orville -- who was sick of losing -- played the Juggernaut (a villain, for those who are not X-Men initiates). Orville won, and Juss was devastated. John, watching Orville vaunt and Juss pout, observed that it was too bad that they did not have a game that did not require someone to win. 

So, Abe brought out DDRMax2. 

Well, I had heard of Dance Dance Revolution with the hearing of the ear, but now I saw it with the seeing of the eye, and felt it with the tapping of the foot. 

Again, for the uninitiate, Dance Dance Revolution is a game where you have a mat with arrows on it and you jump around on the mat, tapping the arrows with your feet in response to arrows that appear on the screen. It's supposed to be like dancing, and maybe it is at higher speeds, but at the lower-speed its kind of like a mix between dancing and high speed hopscotch. 

Now, back when I was young, I was quite good at watching someone dance and following their style and move...but that was with a live person. This required that you move your foot in response to arrows and a human figure on a screen -- not something I was visually used to making sense of (I play very, very, very few video games.) So, it was kind of like dancing while someone shouts instructions in a language you don't really know. 

"Droit, droit!" 
"Is that right or left?" 

I tried it a few times, with Juss on the other mat. I got a bit better as I went. After four tries, I could began to understand what I was looking at enough to kind of tell what was coming: I look at the human figure, I check to see what arrows are heading up, I prepare to jump when the figure jumps in the direction that the arrows indicated (still a bit confused by the up and down arrows, though.) 

I scored higher on some. Juss scored higher on others.

"Don't try the red and purple ones," Abe had warned, "They're harder."

The last time, I decided to try a purple on, thinking that if it moved a bit faster, it might feel more like dancing and less like hopscotch. Juss bailed out, so Abe stood up to take his place.

The purple song turned out to be a mistake. The screen was entirely different...just arrows now, with slightly different symbols. It was like trying to dance while someone shouted at you in a completely different language. 

When we were done, the screen showed our score:

Abe: 45,886,792 
Me:                455

It was sooooo pathetic. ;-)

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