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Bring Sophia Home!!


This wonderful family is desperate to get to China, as their future daughter turns 14 in just a month! If you have even $5 or $10 to help them, see below:

They write:
We now have an account set up with Life Songs for Orphans to accept tax deductible donations to help bring Sophia home by credit card or paypal. A tax receipt will be sent out from Life Songs for Orphans at the end of the year. We are short $5,000 for our trip and we have to be in China by September 11th because Sophia ages out on September 19th. Go to Click on Make a Donation on the left hand side towards the bottom. Click towards the bottom on Donate. Under purpose put Huffman-Account #1151. Please also continue to pray for us that we are able to get all of our money together before we travel.

Here’s the direct link for giving:


Jagi (who has been there!)

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