arhyalon (arhyalon) wrote,

To Blog Or Not To Blot

Many years ago, our friend whom we affectionately referred to as Dave Jetski called me to tell me about a new video game he thought I might like called Population II. Poor Dave, I railed on for twenty minutes about why I did not care for video games and only liked roleplaying games. I went on and on, with great volume and enthusiasm.
A couple of weeks later, Dave invited us by his house for a visit. He lived on the water and we got to take out the jetski (hence, his name.) The next morning, Dave showed John – who did not rant against video games – Population II. John sat down and was having a tough time of it. Looking over his shoulder, I could just see how it could be done better, so I asked to have a shot at it.
Nine and a half hours later, the two gentlemen came to get me. I had missed the sun, missed the water, missed the jetski, missed the whole day, so intent was I on raising and lowering terrain – the main feature of the game Populous II (in which you play a Greek god trying to increase the number of your worshippers.)
Moving right ahead, last year, when John started blogging regularly, I gave him a whole list of reasons why I thought blogging was a bad idea for writers…
You think, one of these days, I would learn to keep my mouth shut.
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