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01:17 pm: The King's Daughter Is Glorious Within (only kind of like a wizard)
When we first returned from China, I kept forgetting that our daughter was not a guest. We have lots of guests visit at our house, so I have a mental slot for guests, how they are treated, etc. And this new person kept coming up as "guest" for me.

Yesterday, someone made a reference to how wonderful it was that our familiy took in this stranger, and I thought, "But that's odd. We've always known Ping-Ping. How could she be a stranger?"

Funny how things change.

I had a conversation with her yesterday. It went something like this:

"Yiyi went this one." she points at a picture of a rollercoster. (Yiyi is her best friend in China.) "Voom, Swoosh" accomanied by spiral motions. "Her phone...pow...finished!" a shrug, "Phone, where are you? I don't know!"

(To those who don't speak international teenager, Yiyi lost her phone on a rollercoster, because it dropped off her when she was on an upside down spiral.)

One thing I love that my daughter says currently is, "Where are you?" when she means "Where is it?" It's so adorable. Bill and I have found ourselves doing it, too. "Milk, where are you?"

She also says "this one" for any object, which is also adorable, and reminds me of Orville at age two.


Date:June 4th, 2010 03:14 pm (UTC)
LOL I do that too!
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