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Welcome to the Wright Household

Since I have no idea who (if anyone) is reading this, I thought I would include a brief introduction:
The Wright Household consist of two adults, three cats, one cherubim masquerading in human form, and two whirlwinds who occasionally, through great dint of effort, assume human form.
The adults and cats in the household are not particularly noteworthy. (We matter to ourselves, of course, but there is little to say about us to others.)  The cherubim and the whirlwinds lead more interesting lives.  So, here, for your reading pleasure, are some excerpts from: “Overheard at the Wright Household.” (Most of these excerpts concern the whirlwinds, because the cherubim seldom talks, and therefore is harder to write about.)
1) Orville (age 8): "You can't have one twin! That's just one baby."
Juss (age4, spreading his arms: "No! At Third Level I have one baby and at Fourth Level I have twins!"
Orville: "Oh! That's all right."
2) Juss, sitting in my lap, is pretending to be a baby Articuno, an ice Pokemon. As he lays back, chirping "Articuno," he gazes up through sleepy eyes and murmurs: "I love my mother and my attacks."

When, I repeated this to my husband, he replied dryly: "I bet no little girl has ever loved her attacks." 

3) At our house, we yell "Naked elf!" whenever someone is naked. (Even Roland can do this. He knows to say "naked elf" at the point, in our story version Puss and Boots, when the Marquis de Carabas tries to get out of the river and realizes that his clothes are gone.)

Today, I was wearing my Elfhunter shirt that Chris Marks gave me. (It has the cover of her Elfhunter novel: .) Juss, who is four, looked at the picture and yelled "Naked elf!"
Though I was impressed that he knew what an elf was, I gently pointed out that this elf was wearing clothes. An expression of astonishment and opprobrium akin to discovering that something has gone against the very order of nature crossed his face, and he cried out in horror:
"But elves have to be naked!"

4) Orville loves detectives, Spy Fox, Carmen San Diego, Sherlock Holmes, and Inspector Gadget. So, I thought he might enjoy one of my favorites from my youth, Get Smart. Especially as both Inspector Gadget (voiced by the same actor) and Spy Fox (especially in the later games) talk a bit like Maxwell Smart.

Knowing this, a friend gave us a gift of the new 25 disk Get Smart boxed collector's set that is only just hitting the market. We showed Orville the beginning and he loved it, but there were two funny moments.

First, the shoe phone was kind of hard to explain to Orville who lives in the age of cell phones. We had to make it clear that having a phone you can carry was odd.

Secondly, Orville burst into laughter right away. When we asked him what was so funny, he replied: "There's laughter…coming out of nowhere!"

He had never seen a show with a laugh track.

5) And one cherubim story, of a sorts:
In March, I had one of those awful yet hilarious mother moments of which sit-coms are made.
I decided to cut Roland's (age almost 7) hair because yesterday someone referred to him as "She" (Actually, I was going to cut it anyway, but this clinched it.) But since the kids in Ro's class don't care about things like fashion sense, I decided to save money and cut it myself.

 I pulled out the beard-shaver and its hair cut attachment and set it to the longest length and started clipping away. I had used this once before on Juss and, while I'd made a few mistakes with Juss, I'd learned from them, so I thought I could handle this.
Well, I had just managed to cut the front of his head when the battery died.
Recharging, it turns out, was something that took several hours, and the clippers could not be used while they were plugged in. So, I had to take my son to the bank and the grocery store with the front half of his head cut short and the back not cut. At least, it was front and back and not left and right!

I did finally get the thing charged up and finish the job. He looks pretty good, but then Roland always looks good, so it would be hard to mess him up. (He puts on a shirt and looks like he stepped off the cover of Kids GQ. My other boys wear the same shirt and, on them, it just looks like a shirt. 

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